How do I connect to Singapore server?

So basically, I was playing Genshin Impact (Without Cloudflare on) and suddenly my internet just straight up went from 130+ ping to 200+ ping. When I first started using Cloudflare, it worked fine, and connected to one of the country’s server in Asia. But now, it ALWAYS connects to Toronto server, how do I fix this?

Are you using and as a custom DNS servers as of network preferences for your device you are using, or a Cloudflare WARP?

Well, few weeks or now a month already ago, after I switched from my old to my new ISP, I am always instead of going from Croatia Cloudflare, I am going over the Romania or even Austria.

The example test:

or by visiting directly some Website using Cloudflare and adding cdn-cgi/trace/ to the end, like https:/ and then reading the value for the parameter colo=ABC (three alphabetic characters represent the city, which you can find here:

I was always going through the Croatia (Zagreb), until now, going over Romania (Bucharest or while using Cloudflare WARP over Sofia), while from time to time I also see I am going over Austria (Vienna).

Therefore, while using a VPN, for example as comming from a Germany, I see I am going either through the Cloudflare Munich or Frankfurt.

Kindly, the topic below could provide more useful information regarding the Cloudflare Anycast Network, your ISP provider having Peers with others regarding the BGP, etc.:

Well, I am sorry to say but neither I am not sure if I really can do anything about it.

Other thing comming to my mind would be some network issues which could be checked at Cloudflare Status page, be it either at Cloudflare end or somewhere in between.

Thank you for your advice.

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