How do I configure a whitelist of ip so that vaultpress can work?

Hi, I need to know how do I configure an ip whitelist so that vaultpress can work; the range of ip that should be whitelisted is to

Thanks in advance

That’s a /18 subnet. Try (not sure if it will take a /18).

Hi sdayman, Thank you very much for attending me.

I tried to do it by creating firewall rules but it only allows me one IP per rule, and maximum 5 rules; I also tried to do it with a list, but can’t get the form of do it.

In Wordfence it can be specified like this: 192.0. [64-127]. [1-254] but in cloudflare it doesn’t allow me
Do you have any suggestions for making this whitelist of all that range?

Very grateful in advance again

Firewall Rules will allow it:

If you’re using Firewall Tools, then you’ll have to settle for /16 which is all of 192.0.x.x

Thank you very much again.

Do you mean I don’t have to include the entire range from ~

Is it enough to specify

I already did, let’s wait to see if the backup works
Thanks again

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/18 is that exact range.

Keep in mind that an “Allow” in the firewall rules only bypass the rest of the firewall rules. If you want to bypass other security measures (e.g. WAF), you have to use the ByPass action, and select the security measures you want to by pass.

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Oooh! I hadn’t noticed that before! Will “Security Level” bypass the WAF?

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That is new, never seen it myself! That’s cool!

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At the bottom of the list should be “WAF Managed Rules.”

Oh…uh, yeah. I guess it would help if I was looking at a paid plan. Didn’t think of that. So it looks like each of those options disable that feature. Got it.

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