How do i check cloudflare is properly set up

my websits is and i am concerned that my pro cloudflare is not properly set up. i have done a speed check with cloudflare and it is showing a reult of 50 which is rubbish. i could get that without cloudflare.

How do i make sure everything is correctly set up. i am not very technical

What exactly makes you concerned about this?

  1. Where exactly did you run a such “speed check”?

  2. Note that even the test tool can have hiccups from time to time, and it isn’t impossible that an outage or congestion could have prevented the tool you tried from, from reaching reaching your website flawlessly, even if there isn’t actually any problems.

I am also wondering:

  1. Are you actually seeing any issues yourself?

  2. Are you hearing any complaints from users spanning different countries and different ISP’s?
    Or how far does the eventual user complaints go?

  3. If there are user complaints, what kind of evidence have they shared with you, indicating that there is actually a problem?

It will be impossible, to dig in to hypothetical problems.

my site speed through cloudflare is 50 when i do the site speed test. when i do a site speed test through other services like pingdom i get the site speed test result when i have cloudflare activated and paused.

another thing i have noticed is, i normally get 12000 google impressions in my google console and i had 200 keywords in the top five, now my google impressions are less than 100 and all my keywords have vanished

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