How do I change the IP?

How do I set an IP? For some reason it is selecting a random IP instead of my IP. Read the example below.

This is what is happening:


What should be happening:

  •[My IP]:25565

From what I understand that may be the “Proxy” setting on your DNS record if your NSs are set to Cloudflare. The “orange cloud” as it’s referred to sometimes. If you navigate to the DNS settings and open that record you can click that orange cloud to change from “Proxied” to “DNS Only”. Then you will see your actual hosts IP.

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Reading that makes this situation even more confusing.
They all have been set to DNS only since I first added them :confused:

For type A I have set “content” to my IP address. I can connect (example) to, maybe it is because I am locally connected to the server via wifi/ethernet; however if my friend connects to it then it is suddenly [RANDOM/UNKNOWN IP]:25565

You got me there. That’s my Cloudflare limitation as I’m having a similar DNS/DNSSEC resolution error… My site hasn’t resolved in over 6 months.

The red boxes are the XXXX I used in the examples
The blue boxes is my IP address

I hope that this information might help. I looked at Freenom(this is how I got my free domain) and checked if there are any IP settings I could find, there was none. Also I have no idea how to look up an IP address to figure out what is this mysterious IP is from.

On my server computer I made sure the firewalls allowed ports 25565 inbound and outbound. I did the port forwarding settings on my router, I went to with the “Port to Check” to 25565 and it can see me, and I am all out of ideas.

Where are they seeing this address. Connecting here to is correct. What exactly are users inputting and where are they seeing “some random IP”

You do not need an A and SRV record. It wouldn’t surprise me if these are conflicting. You should create an A record with the name mc and for content set that to @

Since 25565 is the default port there’s no need for an SRV record, these are only if you are using some random port.

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The green stands for the random ip

I’ll try it without the SRV. The reason why I did that is because I was following instructions from this video. I’ll send another message once I tested it and see if it works without SRV.

It works, yippy!

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