How do I change the DNS in my host panel?

Hello. I am hosted with I don’t know how to change the DNS and I couldn’t find any info on Cloudflare website related to this. Could you please help? I don’t seem to be able to edit the name server they want me to remove on simple mode. And on expert mode I am absolutely not sure what to change. I’m afraid to break something. Could anyone help? Cheers!

If you’re using their kSuite product, it looks like they won’t let you use Cloudflare:

I don’t think I am using kSuite. I have no idea what it is. My domain is entirely managed by Infomaniak unlike this above printscreen. Hmm. Any more ideas? I tried to write to Cloudflare without success unfortunately. Cheers.

I suspect you’re really going to have to get some help from Infomaniak to get the detailed information you need.

We can probably provide some general guidance if you let us know your domain name.

Thank you for your answer. I asked them but it seems quite complicated to get actual help. I guess I won’t use Cloudflare then…too bad.

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