How do I change the DNS A records for my domain to resolve to a different IP address?

Hello, I get a Code 81053 saying my address already has a record with the host. I chose CName as instructed, so I am not sure why I need to change the A record. Thanks for any help!

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If you need a CNAME record, you don’t need to change the A record, you need to remove it altogether as you can’t (and don’t want to) setup a CNAME record beside it.

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Thank you, Sandro! How do I remove it?

You press the record’s delete button.

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Sandro, thank you again! Can you please look at this attached photo of the list of records and tell me if I need to delete all of these records in the phot? Do I click on edit for each one that is not CName and that will take me to delete? I have no idea how all these records got associated with my domain name since I registered a CName record. Link Sharing

You’ll need to remove the first two entries, as these refer to your naked domain and that’s what you want to set up with the new @ record.

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I will try that, thank you for your kind help! I am filled with gratitude for you. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Sandro, I deleted the first two items. I am still getting the same code 81053 when I save the CNAME record and the error message when I search my domain in the browser. Do you have any other suggestions? Please see the latest photo of the records with the

deleted items.

Sorry, my bad, missed the IPv6 records. You should also remove the two AAAA records which have your domain as name. Plus, you’ll probably want to set a redirect for “www” to the naked domain, as otherwise the www record would still go to whatever you have configured there. There’s a tutorial for such redirects at #tutorials.

→ Redirect to

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Thanks for all your help Sandro. Yourethe best. I resolved my issue with the helpnif my webhost. Apparently I don’t need to use cloudserve’s DNS records in my situation. Many blessings!

I can’t comment on your particular setup, but - just for the sake of good order - Cloudflare does currently provide the authoritative nameservers for your domain. So as long as you use Cloudflare for that and need to make changes to your DNS setup, you will have to do this on Cloudflare. If, of course, whatever changes you need to make are only on your host’s side and not DNS related, then yes, you’ll not need to change anything there.

Thank you for following up with extra clarification! As best as I can understand as a tech newbie, the nameserver is on Cloudflare, but the domain is registered through Namecheap and I can access DNS management between my host and Namecheap. My webhost is a new company and still in beta, so some of the steps are missing in the tutorials and some of the tutorials are outmoded. So in my half blind search for answers, I mistakenly thought I needed to mess around with my records through Cloudflare, very long story short. But I only need to do that if I am moving an already made website to my new webhost. Someone finally told me the tiny, yet oh so important, step that was missing from the tutorials that I needed to do to successfully publish my page through the webhost itself. I am very grateful you took the time to explain some things to me today. It gave me hope. Sending lots of good juju your way.

Not quite, Namecheap is your registrar and controls to which nameservers your domain points to, but that is Cloudflare at the moment, so Cloudflare controls DNS itself.

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