How do I change the contact name for the account?


Another member of my team set up my Cloudflare account, and is no longer with the company. I’ve managed to change the email address associated with the account, but I cannot see where to change the name (When the emails come through, they are still addressed to the prior team member). I’ve looked in the profile information, account, billing - everywhere I can think of, and cannot find where to change this name. Can anyone help? I know this will probably be something very simple but I cannot seem to find it!!



This can be done by going to Cloudflare dash -> selecting your account if authorized on multiple accounts -> Click “Configurations” at the top, next to Billing -> then clicking “Change Name”.

Thanks for the reply, but this isn’t the name I’m speaking about. This is showing the company name (which is correct), but when emails are coming through they are being addressed to his forename, and I can’t find where to change that?

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