How do i change my username

I went to account settings but it didnt let me change my username


Thank you for asking.

Kindly, reply back or edit your post by following the instructions from below to request a username change at Cloudflare Community Forums.

  • To change your Cloudflare Community username. Navigate to the :gear: icon by your image and select the :pencil: icon to edit your user name. Your Preferences page is located at: (replace “USERNAME” with your Community username). You can change your Community user name for three months from the time you create your Community account. After that, post here and mention @RemoveAccount to request a change of username. Please include your first and second options for your desired user name. Better yet, make sure the name you want is available, go to this address, replace USERNAME with your desired user name[USERNAME] . If you see a page with “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private,” the name is available.

Helpful article which @benabbottnz metioned:

Kindly and patiently wait until done if the new wanted username is available/free. @cloonan

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