How do I change my NS

I need to change the NS listed on my domain- it’s currently pointing to the wrong website. It has allowed me to add th new records but won’t allow me to delete the old records - can you tell me how to do this please

um, what is the name of the site?


soul I want it to connect to kajabi (ive inserted the NS for this as a record) but it won’t allow me to delete the other NS - so it won’t pick up kajabi site

When I visited your domain I saw a Squarespace site. If I understand you correctly, you would like to make a change that results in visitors reaching a Kajabi site instead of the Squarespace site.

The Kajabi documentation mentions two methods of directing visitors to your site. One requires you to change your nameservers at your domain registrar. Your domain registrar is Tucows, which means you work with a Tucows reseller to manage that domain registration. That is where you would change nameservers if you use that method.

I would not use that method because it will leave you unable to manage your domain in your Cloudflare account. Your Cloudflare DNS contains records required for other services to function, notably your Google Workspace email. I would use the subdomain method outlined in the linked guide. If you want vistors to your top level domain to reach the subdomain, that can be easily solved by a redirect in Cloudflare.


That’s fantastic thanks so much I’ll try that :grin:


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