How do I change my nameservers?

I need to transfer a domain in my CF account to another CF account. How do I change the nameservers? There appears to be no link or button to do that nexto the display of the current NS which point to CF NS.

You need to update the nameservers at your domain registrar.

There are some links to instructions for some providers included in the documentation I linked to above. If you don’t see a link to your registrar, you may need to ask your registrar directly.

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Thanks for the reply, epic.
I don’t understand this. I transfered and “renewed” the domain with Cloudflare, but do not recall if it has yet renewed here. So, isn’t Cloudflare now the registrar for this domain?


It was not clear in your original post that you are using Cloudflare as your registrar. You cannot change the nameservers or associated Cloudflare account on any domains that use the Cloudflare registrar without transferring the domain out and then transferring it back to the other account. Due to ICANN restricting transfers for 60 days after a domain is transferred, that could be at least a 120 day process.

Oops. I meant to include that the domain was transferred to CF.

I transferred this domain to CF in Sep, 2021, so it has been way more than 120 days.
I have this domain in my CF account of 8 domains and need to transfer it to a new developer without giving up my login (obviously.) So, I don’t know how to get there without transfering the domain to that dev’s CF account.

I realize we are in the community here, as I thought it would be faster than submitting a ticket. I certainly appreciate your help.

You did say "transfer", but in context I wasn’t sure if you meant move a zone or the registration.

That cuts the 120 days down to 60 (more likely 65 once you factor in the 5 day transfer waiting period), but depending on the reason you may not need to do any of that.

Do you just need to let another party access the DNS and other Cloudflare settings, while you still are responsible for the domain registration? If so, then you can simply invite the other developer to your account. This does grant access to all domains in the account, so it may not be the right solution.

There are two suitable variations of another option. Which variant you need depends on who should hold the domain registration when you are done. If you will manage the domain registration, transfer the domain to your account at another registrar. If the new developer needs to manage the domain registration, it will make more sense to transfer the domain to the developer’s account at another registrar.

Once the domain has been transferred to another registrar you can add it into a suitable Cloudflare account. It can be new one that you control for the client, or one that the new developer manages. That part can all be handled relatively quickly. I’d say within a week or so if everyone is on top of things. IF the domain registration needs to come back to someone’s Cloudflare account, that will need be revisited 60 days out from the transfer.

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