How do I change my nameservers in CloudFlare?

I transferred my domain from GoDaddy to CF. Now there is no option to change the nameservers. I just changed my hosting and I am unable to change the nameserver. What should I do now?

Currently, you can’t change your nameservers in Cloudflare Registrar. You should edit your DNS records in Cloudflare to those required by your new host. You can contact them for details of what records to add if they aren’t shown in your dashboard.

Actually I already did that. But it still my website is down. When I visit my website, it shows

That means you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your new hosting provider’s server (if you are on Full SSL mode) or the cert isn’t valid (if you are on Full (strict) SSL mode). You should install a certificate there to fix this error. You can use a free Cloudflare origin certificate (SSL/TLS app of your CF dashboard).

Hey there! Thank you so much. I did that and now it started working fine. Thank you so much!

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