How do I change my IP address

Some of my emails are getting marked as spam, and my email provider recommends I change my IP (see note below). How is this possible with Cloudflare?

Your IP addresses are being blocklisted in four servers as you can see in this public tool: - Results of the query and - Results of the query . What we always suggest is to look for another IP addresses with your web site host, or to ask those listed servers to remove your IPs from their blacklists.

There’s absolutely no good reason to tie a website’s IP address to email filtering. And to answer your question, it’s highly unlikely Cloudflare will change your website’s IP address. (instructions below)

Can you get a specific rejection reason from one of your email messages? It usually shows up in the headers.

As a test, try

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

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Hey Joe34,

I think your email provider is doing something wrong or misunderstood something here.

Cloudflare IP is how visitor get to your website. It has nothing to do with your email.

The IP address that an email provider check for blacklists are the origin IP of your own server which from there, you open a connection to the target mail server. How do you know this address? it’s in the maillog, or you can SSH into your own server and run curl to find out your outgoing IP. That’s the IP address the target mail server will see, and check for blacklist matched.

Example: my site is behind Cloudflare: and I sent email out just fine even though I used Cloudflare and share the same set of IP address with thousdand of people.

Also, make sure you IP server address(not Cloudflare one) resolve to a DNS, and that DNS is resolved to your IP. Example.

Say, your server IP address is Then you have to set a reverse DNS to point to and again, has to resolved to

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