How do I change my Cloudflare Domain nameservers?

How do I change my domain nameservers to my website hosts nameserver? I can’t seem to find the option to change them.

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Who’s your registrar? I ask because if you have registered your domain using CF Registrar, you are unable to do so due to section 6.1 of the Domain Registration Agreement:

If you are using another registrar, search for [YOUR_REGISTRAR_NAME_HERE] change nameservers, and follow any guide that shows. If it still doesn’t work, try getting in touch with your registrar’s support team.

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Yikes, I guess not reading the TOS didn’t work out this time. Thanks for the info though, I guess I’ll just wait the 60 days to transfer to a different registrar.

Except in a few corner cases where the hosting partner requires it, you don’t need to move your nameservers. You can simply point the records for the site(s) or services they host to them.

For example… I use Dreamhost to host a number of websites, but Cloudflare to provide performance and security in front of the site.

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Out of curiosity, in what way does Cloudflare provide performance and security in your experience?

That’s a bit of a broad question. I’ve sold, supported and/or deployed probably 85% of their product portfolio both for my own sites and for hundreds of their customers.

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