How do I cancel this subscription?

I have been trying to cancel this subscription as I no longer have a web site. I have email and called to no avail. Is this company dishonest or do you just not want to talk to customers?

@Laurie should be able to help you!

I see your ticket 2361116 and see you moved your zone. You need to cancel the subscription, we cannot make edits on your account. If you login, go to the upper right corner, select Billing → subscriptions and then Edit. Select the Free plan to change the plan type from pro. And then select 0 additional rules to avoid adding page rules. The amount should show as zero. The pro plan was just renewed so it will be in effect until feb 27.

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No that is not correct. Last month I moved to a free plan and then this month they renewed my billing. This is just a terrible experience.

I am sorry for that, we’ll try to make it better. I just escalated your post for my colleagues in billing to review. I do show the zone as moved away from Cloudflare, not moved to a free plan. I do also see the nameservers do not point to Cloudflare and the zone is not active with us at the moment.

But, we still need you to cancel your active subscription. Login, select Billing → Subscriptions → Edit → select Free on the left of the screen → scroll down enter 0 page rules → ensure the total = reads $0/month → finish the form and press continue

Ok I have done that and now I got the same email as I did last month telling me “sorry to see you go"

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perfect, I’ll make a note of that on the escalation here. My colleagues in billing here most afternoons starting in a couple of hours and I’ll chat with them about this when they come online.

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