How do I cancel my APO subscription?

I unchecked the APO at $60.00/year in the subscription menu but was still charged.
Invoice ID: CFUSA6873458
Due: May 4, 2023
Invoice Amount: $5.00

I see the most recent invoice. It may have been a timing issue, but the #general:billing team can explain more once they have a look. Can you open a Billing ticket and share the ticket number here? You can open a Billing ticket here,

Let me know the ticket number and I will flag this for my #general:billing colleagues.

thanks for your reply

  • Ticket ID: 2783201
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Thank you, I flagged this for my #general:billing colleagues

I checked the ticket, and it looks like billing reached out earlier today on this ticket thank you again for opening it and getting us the number.

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