How do I block multiple web visitors by IP address at once?

I want to use a comma separated list of IP addresses that I can either paste into a field or upload

I see WAF but it only allows entering individual IP or range, and it only allows 20 rules

To block multiple IP addresses at once, you can use Firewall Rules and select the “is in” operator. However, this is not feasible for a large number of IP addresses due to character limits. An alternative approach could be to use IP access rules or the API but these require manual entry. It’s recommended to consider blocking CIDRs or ASNs for larger IP sets.

Thanks. I’m already blocking by country. Bottom line is Cloudflare doesn’t provide a good solution for this since I’m not blocking ranges but specific IP addresses and they don’t provision for that in bulk.

So far I have about 50 unique IPs that are maliciously trying to hack my website by entering guessed at usernames. I’m sure that list will continue to grow.

I’ll need to look for another tool to block web visitors by IP address in bulk (not just by country or IP range).

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