How do I block loop attacks that use bots

Is there any way I can block those or stop them on keep on refreshing the pages?

https://MY URL/WordPress
https://MY URL/demo
https://MY URL/new

You could restrict those URLs for specific criteria, like your own IP, or country, etc. using Firewall Rules at the Cloudflare dashboard.

Why are they refreshing?

I would suggest you to enable the “Bot Fight Mode” too, if not already. To enable Bot Fight Mode:

  1. Go to Firewall tab
  2. Select Bots
  3. For Bot Fight Mode, select On (the button will have green color - it means this option is enabled)

In picture, it should look like below:

that is already enabled I’m getting a 404 error for that I know it does not hurt the website anyways.
Would be nice to know the firewall rule for challenging each time the person refreshes the page or the bot that’s doing it.

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