How do I block ip range in firewall?

How do I block ip range in firewall?

I know how to block a single ip address but dont know how to block ip range.

I might not be sure which IP mask could this be as it cannot be just one mask (IP range) as far as I can see. So the first would be .27 and the last .143 :thinking:
We might need more than two, if so.

It has to be entered in a CIDR notation.

With the we would block a IP range (total of 256) from to, which includes the ones you want to block and those in between.

For your case, I believe it should have to be and we should use multiple:

In a Firewall Rule would look like below expression:

  • (ip.src in {})

In picture, here:

You could add each IP separated like below expression:

  • (ip.src in {})

In picture:

You need to know the mask, for example /24, /21, /29, /16 …


  • (ip.src in {})

Helpful online tools in case if needed:

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