How do I allowlist my webservers IP in Cloudflare?

I found this article: but this article specifies menus that I do not have in my account.

I need to list my own servers IP according to Solid Security, a WordPress security company, for their detection to work properly.


  1. Where can I allowlist my own web server IP?
  2. Is this a good idea?

That documentation is about Magic Transit - are you actually using that or is this just some article you found? I’ll just assume you aren’t using Magic Transit for now.

The easiest way to allow your own server to access your site is probably via an IP access rule, which you can find here:

Just enter the IP and select “allow”.

I don’t really see why not.

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Cloudflare recommends that you create WAF custom rules instead of IP Access rules to perform IP-based → this is what it says in the docs. How can I create a custom rule to allowlist my IP of the server?

The next word makes a big difference:

I assume you aren’t trying to block yourself.

You can still use WAF rules if you want, you can easily find them followinv the same link, just click on WAF.

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So the WAF custom rules are only for blocking IPs and the IP access rules are for allowing IPs?

You can use both for both tasks. But if all you want is to allow an IP to access your server, that’s exactly what IP access rules were made for.

Practically, there won’t be much of a difference.

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Makes sense. Thank you very much.

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