How do i allow only certain ip’s to access my website?

I want to point my home server to a domain, but i only want to allow the access to my ip address.
I also want to allow access when visiting something like mydomain.tld/access?passwd=password.

How can i do this?

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If you are running a server at home and you only want to allow access from the local network, it doesn’t make sense for Cloudflare to be involved in your configuration at all. What function does Cloudflare play in your desired outcome?

Well, i want to share my domain with some people. I don’t feel like telling them my ip address.

Thanks for the clarification. That’s helpful. Preventingbaccess using Cloudflare isn’t going to use a password in the URL. You would need to set that up on your server.

Depending on who you want to grant access to, you might want to create a Cloudflare Zero Trust team and have them join.


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