How do I add this record?

My webhost is westhost. I’m having an issue with my cpanel based email.

This is the message I got from live chat

“Your DNS is managed by Cloudflare, you need to put the following in as TXT records, allo 24 hours for propagation then come back to us so we can install them serverside:”

Can anyone explain what I need to do step by step?

What they told me to add as a TXT record is in this pastebin. Since I have a new account I can’t post anything with 4 or more links.

I should have been more clear. I’ve added records to Cloudflare before.

With this one, can I just select TXT record and paste all of that into the content box?

I’m confused if the dkim and the spf need to be added somewhere else.


Cloudflare has clicky things to create dkim and spf records, but they are a convenience. Since you have the literal content that is required, yes, you can just create a TXT record and paste in the values you were given.

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I just checked with my host to see if email was working. This is what they told me.

I was told I needed to add to my a records and have it pointing to

How would I do this?

Here is a screen shot of my a records.


Right now it looks like you have with proxy (orange cloud) turned on. Since it’s for mail, shut off the proxying.

Also, your MX record is pointing to, which may not be what you want.

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