How do I add sub domains on the google domains site where my primary domain is registered?

I’m trying to add subdomains on the google domains site, where I initially purchased my primary domain name. Problem is I have two cloudflare servers that my domain is using as custom name servers. Can someone assist me in being able to create or add sub domains?

Also, squarespace cannot assist as they aren’t tracking or have the ability to support me right now. Not sure if my google domain has not been transferred over to squarespace yet for support.

My primary google domain is

The two custom name servers are: 1. 2.



To add subdomains when using Cloudflare’s custom nameservers, you need to add the subdomains directly in your Cloudflare dashboard. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Select the domain you want to add subdomains to.
  3. Go to the DNS tab.
  4. Click on “Add record.”
  5. Choose the type of DNS record you need for your subdomain (usually A or CNAME).
  6. Enter the name of your subdomain (e.g., “blog” for
  7. Enter the IP address or target value for the record.
  8. Save the record.

Thanks for your guidance. I was able to go into my account and find where the domain was located and edit to add my sub domains.

Take care and Merry Christmas!


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