How do I add my imap email to outlook if DNS is with Cloudflare?

So my emails are working just fine on webmail, right? However, after I started using Cloudflare I am unable to add my IMAP email to Outlook or Google Gmail as an IMAP account. I assume it’s due to different mail server addresses and ports. I have contacted my hosting provider and they told me that the mail server is not with them, instead, it is with Cloudflare and that I should seek help here. What are the email configurations to add my IMAP email to Outlook? Or is there something wrong with my DNS settings? But my emails are working on webmail. So I need a bit of guidance.

you need to equalize all DNS settings on your hosting to DNS on cloudflare

Cloudflare does not operate any IMAP servers. If your email host thinks that your mail server is Cloudflare, you probably have hostnames set to :orange: proxied that should not be. That will prevent Outlook from connecting because the Cloudflare proxy does not pass email traffic by default. You will need to set any hostnames that you use for anything other than web traffic to :grey: DNS Only. For more specific answers please share your domain name.

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