How do I add my email to email routing?

Hello, I’m wondering, how do I add my email to email routing?

That’s literally my question: How do I add my email to email routing?

Hi @AppleSlayer ,

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Just go to

Dashboard > Select Website > Email routing > Create Address 

Then Add a Destination email verify it then you’re done :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont forget to verify your destination domain !

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That’s the thing, I’m not receiving the verification email (when I add the destination email)!

Maybe check spam/junk/unwanted folder maybe that have landed there !

Sometimes this can happen because your email is on a do-not-allow list (for example, if you’ve previously unsubscribed to any Cloudflare emails), and so Cloudflare won’t send the verification emails.

If that’s the case one of the MVPs can usually help you remove it.

Not really MVP’s they’re not do not have access to Cloudflare mailing system @cloonan might be able to help you as he does in every post !


@mcfadyeni I don’t think I’ve unsubscribed from any CF emails!

@Neeraj_1 It’s not in my spam, I reloaded the tab and got nothing (and I checked my promotions folder)!

Then the best availible option is to wait for cloonan As I have already tagged him he will sure help you out !

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Never mind, I finally got the email verification!

I guess there was some sort of delay in it coming through!

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