How do I add my domain to Cloudflare so I can transfer from GoDaddy?

I want to transfer my .com domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare before renewal is due. Nameservers are AWS but are obsolete as there is no website currently. GoDaddy domain lock and domain privacy are both off and I have an authorization code from GoDaddy for the transfer. Cloudflare Domain Registration / Transfer Domains says “You currently have no domains available for transfer to Cloudflare.” How do I add my domain to Cloudflare?

  1. Add the domain to Cloudflare.

  2. Change the name servers to the ones Cloudflare at the current registrar (e.g. Go Daddy).

  3. Wait for the change of name servers to propagate (can take 48 - 96 hours).

  4. Check again, and see if you can now start the transfer.

Given that Cloudflare mandates the use of Cloudflare’s own name servers for domains registered through Cloudflare Registrar, that sounds to be (at least one of) the condition(s) that are not yet met.

Thanks DarkDeviL

I have set nameservers back to GoDaddy so when that is complete l should be able to then change them to Cloudflare but what addresses should I use?

You will be provided two nameservers once you add the domain to Cloudflare.

The domain needs to be active in your Cloudflare account before you can transfer it. It will also need to be in one of the supported top level domains.

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#2 was supposed to say “Change the name servers to the ones FROM Cloudflare”, which would be a task to do from your current registrar (Go Daddy, in your case).

Other than that, it would exactly as mentioned above.

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Thanks I was following so many different links that somehow I missed the actual “add a Site” button. That’s done now and I have the Cloudflare nameservers so have initiated those changes at GoDaddy so hopefully that will work soon.

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