How do I add a wildcard subdomain, i.e. *

Hi, I would like to use the buzzfeed sso proxy to add authentication to all my internal home lab sites.

To do this I need to add a * record that points to my sso proxy IP.
My current DNS provider, eNom, does not support a 4th level subdomain, as far as I can tell at least.

How would I do this with a free Cloudflare account, I don’t know how to add the sso subdomain?

You can add that wildcard, but you won’t be able to set it to :orange:. The entry should just be *.sso and then the IP address or CNAME.


I assume that if I already have certs it will work, minus as @sdayman stated no protection?

Unless you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can’t proxy wildcard subdomains.


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