How do I add a thumbnail of my videos to my website?

I need to place links on my website to my Cloudflare Videos with thumbnails.

I’m not sure what you mean by Cloudflare Video.

If you’re using Cloudflare Stream, see the documentation below on how to generate a thumbnail on the fly from any timestamp in your video.

But if your videos are R2 objects, then you’d either have to do this manually, or perhaps wrangle some code togethet to do this automagically (but that’s beyond my payscale :smiley: ).

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I need to hire professional services to place a few thumbnails with link to play the videos hosted on cloudflare on my website.

Thank you for the help. By Cloudflare Video I meant as opposed to my You Tube videos. I tried the API method and generated some code cURL. Should that code be placed on my WP website? If not, what should I do with this code?

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