How do I add a CDN to both my domain AND subdomains on Hostgator?

Hello all,
I tried to add a CDN to my main domain by changing both name servers inside the domains tab in hostgator.
It worked well until I realized that my subdomains were completely blank. (I got a “IP address could not be found” error)
I called multiple times hostgator but nobody can help.
Do you know what the steps are specifically for the subdomains?

If your domain is already using Cloudflare, you just need one more DNS entry here for the subdomain. Probably an “A” record that matches the main domain entry.

OK, thanks but where do I go to add the DNS entry to the subdomains? There’s NO instructioin anywhere.I added a record in the DNS tab for the subdomain–yes it was A–but it didn’t work.

There is a nice Help Center:

That should do it. Can you post a picture and let us know the complete subdomain name?

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