How do I activate the HTTP/2 feature

Hey guys. Just activated Cloudflare on my Wordpress site today, and I’d like to activate the HTTP/s feature. How do I go about it? Should I install the Wordpress Cloudflare plugin? It hasn’t been updated in a while.

Noob-friendly advice desperate wanted. Thanks!


It’s greyed out, Sandro.

It is, but it equally is on, so it should be already on anyhow.

So it’s already activated?

That is what that screenshot would suggest.

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Simply check the protocol in your browser console when opening your site to verify it.

Will do!

You can test yourself using

And if your enable HTTP/3 you can use to test.

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One thing to note, the connection to your server will still be on HTTP 1.1. HTTP 2 will only apply to the connection to the proxies.

What does that mean, Sandro?
Will my visitors enjoy the speed of HTTP/2?

Partially. For cached content, yes. For uncached content, the browser will still get an HTTP 2 connection, however everything onwards to your server will be HTTP 1.1.

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Okay. Would it be right to assume that the second visit will be HTTP/2 since the page will be served from a cache?

Depends on what you cache. If it is cached yes, if not, not :slight_smile:

To be fair, a lot in this context is widely exaggerated :slight_smile:

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lol. So much ado about nothing, then?
At the very least, enabling HTTP/2 (in conjunction with Autoptimize) has reduced my site load time to 2 seconds (Pingdom). Also, my Google Pagespeed Insights score has gone up from 52 to 67. So it’s still a win!

Thank you so much for your help, Sandro (and Michael as well).

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