How do I access the other website information?


There is a site that I have to complain about but I cannot see the hosting company that it provides service from. Because cloudflare perfectly hides the ip address. I do not need an IP address, I just need to find out which company the IP address is registered with! So I can fulfill my DMCA report. Just having a hosting name is enough.

I apologize if I put the topic in a wrong category or if my English is wrong.

I would be glad if you could help.

That would only apply if the site is hosted in the US, otherwise it wont.

You can submit a complaint at

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I made my DMCA request in almost every country because people still don’t want to break the law or have problems with lawyers.
If I understood you correctly, I can ensure that the site that receives cloudflare service over this link will no longer benefit from cloudflare? I just need to see which hosting is used. I have to send mail to hosting.
By the way, thank you.

That is the point, DMCA is a US act and only “law” in the US, nowhere else. Sure, there are similar copyright regulations elsewhere but they can and do still differ and the DMCA is not universally applicable. You will need to follow the local regulations.

No, you cant. Cloudflare will forward the complaint and the host will take appropriate action if applicable.

Thanks anyway. I’m about to make my complaint.