How do I access my cloudflare dashboard

I can’t find the dashboard in my cloudflare account when I log in the drop down lists activities and log out. I don’t see dashboard listed on any menus - BTW this is a free account - is this not available for free accounts?

Are you logging in at I just checked your account and it looks normal to me. If you sill have an issue, can you attach a screen shot of what you see?

Should look like this:

Hi Cloonan,

Thank you for getting in touch. i could not find the dashboard because of the way I was logging in to cloudflare.
I now have a login process that brings me to this window.

The reason I am looking at the dashboard is to try to figure out how to point the email server for the to my host gator account so I can set up an email for this url.

Is this something you might be willing to assist me with? If so, I can give you more details. Host gator gave me the numbers of the DNS mail A record
and it looks like somewhere in the DNS settings is where this change has to happen…

Thank you so much for reaching out to me!


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Got it, @rrsleigh. Happy to help with emails, this #Tutorials is a catalog of all available, Community Tutorials, I used this one to set up my mail

And this one will help to fine tune in case you run into issues.

Post back, let us know what steps you’re taking and any issues you encounter.


Hello Cloonan,

Thank you for sending me the tutorials.

Do you know any way for me to hire someone to take care of this?

If so, how could I find someone who understands this process
and could help me.


There are quite a few people on who advertise setup services on Cloudflare.

Thanks for that idea! I reached out to fiverr, put in a request with a payment and I am waiting for a response…

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