How do I access FTP after I changed NS to cloudflare's NS?

Before I change NS to use cloudflare’s NS , I can access my host for my website to ftp or etc. But after cloudflare recommended to delete OLD NS and replaced with cloudflare’s NS I can’t ftp my my site ever T__T
How do I can access again?

Hi @krukasidit,

You can set your FTP records to :grey:, but personally, I would just specify the server IP, rather than a hostname on your domain, to connect to with your FTP client.

How to set?

If you still want to connect through a hostname, find the record in your DNS that you connect to for FTP and click the :orange: to make it :grey:, there is often a hostname called ftp.

Or just specify your servers IP to connect to in your FTP client.

i dont have static server ip

So you have a script to automatically update the IP at Cloudflare to your servers current IP?

If this is the case then, as I said, you need a :grey: hostname to connect to for FTP. This can be one of your existing hostnames, or you can create a new FTP hostname that you connect to. Just note that this will expose your origin IP address.

Yes, that’s right. So just make sure your FTP software is connecting to (obviously replacing with your actual domain) and you will bypass Cloudflare and go straight to the server.

still can not access

That hostname is not proxied through Cloudflare, so if you are still having problems connecting, it is unlikely to be a Cloudflare issue.

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thank you, now i can access host by using ftp, But now i can’t connect my “direct admin” page for setting up my domain .Please help me again

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