How do change super admin?

Email address associated with Cloudflare account is no longer with the company. It happens to be the Super Admin. How can I change it to another email address?

Hi @it1147,

What Cloudflare plan are you on? Are you an Enterprise customer?

Hi @domjh,
We are using Free plan. Basically, when our Super Admin account was created few years ago, it was created under a user’s email. The person is no longer with the company. So we are trying to see if there is a way to switch member’s role easily. Currently we have 2 Admin account and 1 Super Admin.


I don’t believe you can do that unless you have a multi-user account (Enterprise). Maybe the easiest thing would be to change the email address on the account that is already the super-admin if you have access to that mailbox?

Thanks. That was what I intended on doing if there was not easy way to fix.

No problem and sorry you didn’t get a reply before today!