How disable edge cache TTL for dynamic page


I’m using the EDD plugin and W3total cache on my site, Everything is working fine with Cloudflare and I’m seeing a very good response, but facing high TTFB in some country. So, I enable Cache everything and Edge cache TTL to reduce it with the Browser Cache Expiration set to Respect Existing Header.

After enabling it, I see very good result. But facing an issue in dynamic content.

Let me explain the issue first. is my price page where I place a link to buy a three different package.

  1. example(dot)com/?edd_action=add_to_cart&download_id=214298
  2. example(dot)com/?edd_action=add_to_cart&download_id=214299
  3. example(dot)com//?edd_action=add_to_cart&download_id=214230

When someone clicks on that link, it automatically redirects to the checkout page ( example(dot)com/checkout/) where the user can see and buy the product.

But after, enabling Cache Everything and Edge Cache TTL, it shows nothing on the checkout page.

Can anybody helps me to exclude above three links from the edge cache TTL. or any other method to solve this issue.

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