How did we get in and How did our DNS get here

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Yes, I did search around but did not find anything relevant to tis question.

there wasnt any which is why I am here

Works great

I am the MSP for UFCW-135 and their domain ufcw135 dot com and we noticed that their DNS records are here however, no one at the company or the previous MSP have ever access the the site. i, Jim Raykowski, as their new MSP am trying to find out how we access their DNS Records. How do I need to veryify to you that UFCW-135 owns the domain and how can we access it. Thanks Jim


  1. Tried resetitng password, no one received the email
  2. Tried getting username, no one received an email

ufcw135 dot com




No error



Unfortunately, if you do not know the email on the account and the forgot email tool does not return a result then you will be unable to gain access to the account. You would need to point the nameservers elsewhere or add the domain to your own Cloudflare account and configure it there.

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