How could I setup SSH on Zero trust network through Docker?

I have set up my Cloudflare tunnel through Docker container. However, it doesn’t seem to allow any connections from the website with the configuration provided.

I’ve noticed that whenever I do cloudflared tunnel list on terminal, it shows a list of the tunnels connected in Zero Trust. On the contrary, interacting with the docker container using docker exec -it showed that it wasn’t logged in and failed to search all tunnels.

I tried docker exec -it cloudflared cloudflared --config /origin/sshTunnelConfig.yaml (/origin mounted to ~/.cloudflared) and this method wasn’t properly fulfilled to the right result.


tunnel: *****-*****-*****-*****
credentials-file: /origin/sshTunnel.json
metrics: :5000
protocol: http2
no-autoupdate: true
  - hostname: ******.*****.xyz
    service: ssh://localhost:22

My guess is because the config is pointing ssh at your docker container, not your host. You need to start the docker container with the flag --add-host=host.docker.internal:host-gateway then change your config to service: ssh://host.docker.internal:22. You will also have to make sure the sshd is running on your docker interface.

I have not tested this myself

Ah, ok. I also encounter an error that fails to open /origin/sshTunnelConfig.yaml: due to permission denied. The configuration file cannot open the credential file because it’s located under my host directory, not the container’s.

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