How could I regain our access to our account? Thanks

We are CloudFlare customer, our domain is We moved and our billing personnel quit her job, we lost access to the email associate with our Cloudflare account, how could we regain our access to pay invoices in our company account? Besides, we heard Cloudflare is our website registrator our website designer refused to provide us administration log in for our website, how could we get it back. Thanks.

This sounds like something that you should open a Support Ticket with Cloudflare about, not something that can necessarily be helped with on the forum.

Check out Contacting Cloudflare Support – Cloudflare Help Center.

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I open support ticket 3 times
and they close my ticket 3 times and said my issues is resolved
and ask me log in but I don’t have login information.
“Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support. Your issue has been marked as Resolved in our system. If you require further assistance, simply reply to this email to re-open your ticket. If you have a new issue later on, please open a new ticket with us so that we don’t confuse two separate issues. Thanks.”

I’ll chase those down and post an update.

Hi @julie.zou Support will respond that you are not the account holder (unless your email is also a user on the account); I somehow doubt that is the case as you’d already have access & the refused comment sounds like the relationship is less than amicable.

But, you are going to need to cancel any paid services on the other account as those keep charging regardless of your access. Can you share the ticket number here so that I can make sure it’s in the proper queue?

I was going to note for others that read this post:

I’ve seen a number of similar instances and cannot recall one where the person in this predicament was able to successfully regain access to the account. In those cases, it’s best to add the domain to your current account and change the name servers with the domain registrar. In this instance, from a whois, that’s godaddy.

$ whois
   Domain Name: MABPLEXINC.COM
   Registry Domain ID: 1966326861_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
   Registrar WHOIS Server:
   Registrar URL:

I am new comer, I am not account holder
The person before me quit her job.

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I see two of them and merged them together, 2118652 is the surviving ticket and is open. Each automated reply should have indicated

This is an automated response which we hope has answered your question. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email to reach a Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer.

In this case, you’ll need to follow the instructions here to move the domain to a new Cloudflare account

After adding your domain to the new account, you receive two new Cloudflare nameservers. You need to give those two to your domain registrar and ask them to add those and remove any other name servers. Once that change is propagated, the domain will automatically transfer into your new account (and be disabled from the previous one). At that point, I’d open a new ticket, reference this thread and ticket 2118652 to verify with the support agent that the charges in the old account are paid and the new account is set up as you like.


I don’t know who is our domain registrar, that I try to find out.

I don’t have Login for our domain registrar.

Godaddy is showing as the registrar, if that godaddy account is tied to the same email account you’ve lost access to, you’ll need to figure that out with godaddy. I’ve not had to go through that process with them, but if you contact them and explain the situation, they should be able to tell you what steps to take.

I talked to Godaddy first, they told me they have our domain but not webhosting. They told us to contact cloudfare, We have our log in for Godaddy, but we lost our login for cloudfare and we are not able to pay cloudfare for a few months.

the domain is registered with GoDaddy. However, the DNS is managed cloudflare. Please check below: Nameserver

Got it, thank you. So, there is another party involved as well, your hosting provider. Cloudflare does not host your site, it’s not a web hosting service, we sit between your hosting provider and visitors to your site. We do that through those two name servers you mentioned.

The web host no doubt charges for their services, so you may be able to find their name on past credit card statements.

The hosting provider operates the server where your website actually resides.

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We still need login to our account, we would like pay cloudfare

That is good, there you can change the name servers to the two that are assigned in your account.

Unless you can regain access to the email account of the person that left, I doubt you’l be able to recover access to the old account.

Once you move the domain, you’ll still need to identify and make contact with your hosting provider in order to determine the IP address for your site* - currently, we’re masking that IP address behind cloudflare, when you’re configuring the domain in your new account, you’ll need to know and enter that IP address.

*I’ll add here that you may be able to do some internet archaeology and discover your actual IP address using tools like Historical A records for - SecurityTrails where you can see the value of the A record (your address record, as in IP “address”), I see a few cloudflare IPs, and some from Amazon. That may indicate that Amazon was/perhaps still is the host and I’d guess the last non-cf ip you see “maybe” the IP address you need to know.

But, eventually, you’re going to need to access the site at your hosting provider to make edits, configuration changes, etc. I’d start with Amazon to see if they are still hosting the site and if so to verify the IP address with them.

Thank you and I understand and am sorry this is a lot of steps and different parties involved. Once you’re able to move the domain successfully to an account you control, you’ll be in a position where you can contact Support and address any billing or payment issues with them. Post here when you do contact them again and I’ll make sure that gets routed to the proper team.

Hi @julie.zou, this comes up a lot on this site, it looks like cloudflare is hosting your site because we’re protecting it behind cloudflare. The IP address is a cloudflare IP so attackers don’t target your server directly.

Good article explaining how this all works,

In this image, the Your Cloudflare protected site is the missing key for you. That is your actual hosting provider. Cloudflare is the orange cloud in the middle, sitting between your host and your traffic.

Screenshot from 2021-03-25 16-38-39

The company that is hosting
Screenshot from 2021-03-25 16-42-06

could be amazon, I suspect it’s the best place to ask. The other option, as mentioned above, is to check credit card statements to see if you can identify who you are paying to host your site. You site designer may also be able/willing to tell you that.

Finally, I merged your most recent ticket into 2118652, that is the ticket to use to communicate with Support, duplicate tickets just slows down Support’s ability to help other customers. And, each time they’ll let you know you must use the email address associated with your account, which you don’t have access to.

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Cloudflare is the middle man between website hosting and Godaddy. Cloudflare know who is our website hosting company, but I haven’t get formal response from Cloudflare yet. I checked our credit card, only two companies charges us, I contacted Cookiebot and Google, noon of these companies are our website hosting company. Again, our website design company send us a login with WordPress name on it and told us he sent us separate email for user name and password, we never received this kind of email. I called wordpress, Godaddy, Cloudflare, cookietbot and Google, all these company except Cloudflare give us formal response and support,

We paid Cloudflare, but Cloudflare didn’t response, I am not sure if Cloudflare try to protect our website designer SunValley communication who give us hard time for administration login.

Yes, I created tickets 3 times, it all closed with instruction how to log in your account to make a change.
I am an accountant, I try to pay Cloudflare invoices, I don’t know how to remove our company domain to a new Cloudflare account.(#6990304)

May I ask you to share the ticket #number here with us so someone from Cloudflare team could provide you more information and hopefully help you with it?

Regarding the process of moving your company domain to a new Cloudflare account, here is an article with step-by-step instructions:

You could be kind of stuck at this point if you cannot access your Cloudflare old account?
The only transfer procedure Cloudflare documents basically requires you to start from “the scratch” with the new account.

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