How could I move domain to a new created cloudflare account? Thanks

Our former employee left in May , 2020, we lost access to her account, which is associated with our current Cloudflare account. I created a new ClouldFlare account as instructed, I would like move our domain to new account. However, ClouldFlare sent me the same information " Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts" again and again and I still have no clues what I need to do?

Could somebody help?

Our domain: Registrator: Godaddy
Our old email address associated with our account is We no longer have access to our old email account, [email protected]

Cheryl left our company in May , 2020.

English (US)

Well, as you stated:

Yes, this article could help you:

Furthermore, there were topics similar to your issue.

You could be kind of stuck at this point if you cannot access your Cloudflare old account? The only transfer procedure Cloudflare documents basically requires you to start from “the scratch” with the new account.

This topic here has got some posts in a situation where the agency failed to have a backup option for Cloudflare account and the employee left it:

Otherway, I believe you already tried the below steps?:

If yes, do you have a ticket #number?
Could you share it here?

The auto replies on those tickets notes that while we would like to assist you with your inquiry, for the security and privacy of our users we can only work with the account holder directly, but your email address is not listed as the owner of any Cloudflare account.

If you are a Cloudflare account holder, please submit a new support request from the email address you used to register your Cloudflare account:

@cloonan may know the answer to it.

But, if you still have this domain active and this e-mail.
Even if not active the “e-mail mailbox”, if you manage your domain and your e-mail, you can create this mailbox (if missing or is being deleted in the meanwhile) - that way, if it was associated to an Cloudflare account you could try with an option of “Forgot password” to reset it?

I looked the article 3 times, I still don’t know how to move domain to a new created account. Besides send me a article link, is there real person I can talk to?

Like live chat? Not possible if not an Enterprise user.

Until then, I recommend you to kindly and patiently wait until someone from Cloudflare team see and reply to this topic.

If you already tried to reach out Cloudflare Support, could you share a ticket number here with us?

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