How configure the Cloudflare Nameservers?

thanks very much for reply :slight_smile:
my website is running now,
but, with cnames clouds in gray
(in orange, the website crash
what can i do?

in says cnames are bad

Currently I see the website redirecting to https but there isn’t a valid certificate active so I get a security warning. In Cloudflare, if you set the :grey: to :orange:, what error do you get?

thank you, if i turn on the orange light in cloud, the site redirect wrong, the site crash down

When you say

Can you provide a screenshot of this please?

something like that

Thanks, are you please able to enable :orange: so I can take a look.

of course, thank you very much

ready, turn off the lights

loo at thi

Thanks, what do you have your SSL mode set to in the SSL/TLS app? Flexible?

I get an error 524 on the site via HTTPS:

yes sr

Have you reached your hosting limits? Have a look at the link.

Did you follow all these steps and the ones below in the 000 article I linked to earlier?

Make sure that the orange cloud is turned off, or otherwise 000webhost will not accept your domain name.

Then, add your domain in your Control Panel, allowing a few minutes for DNS to propagate.




Once it has been added to your 000webhost panel, go back to Cloudflare and turn the orange cloud on. This will enable the SSL.

yes i do

here is the solution, is right? apropiate? mi site have the green padlock right :slight_smile:

i cant write replies because im a new user here :frowning:

Could be but I doubt it given the error…

Have you read this:

That appears to be a server problem, not a Cloudflare problem.

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@resellerdomaincol, just to follow up on this, your site now appears to be working with a Cloudflare SSL certificate.

You just have some mixed content errors:

Your site now works fine with SSL and I no longer receive mixed content warnings.


tes we can do it thanks
i have another question, is it right?