How Configure DNS to Forward Domain Name to Facebook PAGE?

N00B, here; struggling to understand how to forward a domain name (e.g., to a Facebook PAGE created for the purpose (e.g., Redirecting...).

Have read CF Help files and community posts to the point I’m seeing double…but not seeing a simple way to do this.

After all my research…is this correct:

Oi! Wish I knew how to do what seems to be a simple task.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

Greetings and welcome to Cloudflare! :slight_smile:
No need to worry, once we all did it first time and struggled with at least something :wink:
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I am afraid not exactly that way.

Moreover, first you would have to make sure your domain is using Cloudflare (nameservers can be checked at your domain registar) and has been successfully added to your Cloudflare account.

Second, you would have to go to the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard for your domain and make sure you have got an A and A www records both being pointed to some IP address like

In case if you struggle a bit how to manage your DNS records, kindly see below two helpful articles about how to add or edit your DNS records:

Third, you would have create a Page Rule under the Rules → Page Rules tab, therefore click on the button “Create a Page Rule” with Forwarding URL - 301 Redirectfrom which one (**) to which one you want (

Helpful articles:

More about it here:

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@fritex; many, many thanks for the kind & informative reply.

  • Much appreciated!

Clarification question: Regrets; I’m unclear as to the rationale for your reference to an IP address “…like”.

(Which appears to be a router IP address.)

Are you suggestion using some type of “Dummy” IP address?

  • If so, may I assume it’s because the approach you suggest is based on the notion the IP address won’t be accessed because the re-write rules will be executed prior to invoking (say)

With thanks!
Plane Wryter

It’s part of a reserved IP address range and is safe to use in a private setting. Since you need a DNS entry for a page rule to work, you need an IP address in there. Not one that will actually resolve to someone’s website, and not one that’s so bogus that it won’t pass validation. Home networks will often be in the 192.168 range, and Cloudflare won’t validate that for a :orange: hostname, but 192.0 is ok.

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