How Cloudflare Workers will be launched?

Cloudflare Apps is a section on our zone dashboard.
So Is it something we can release different kind of Cloudflare Apps With?

I’ll try to get more info on how Workers will be launched, but can you elaborate on the Apps request? What types of things would you expect to deploy or manage there, rather than in the other dashboard sections?

As per my understanding both are the type of apps which could enhance the website attached to it.

Also, current version of Cloudflare Apps are client side applications whereas Cloudflare workers are a kind of Edge side apps which is executed on the edge side.

It should be launched in App section in the dashboard under edge side apps.

I’m not totally sure that I’m following your question, but I’ll try to answer. We are still working on the interface, but in the future we would want people to be able to deploy Workers from the Apps area. But probably not in time for launch. No ETA yet.

Is that what you were asking?

Yeah, Thanks :slight_smile:

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