How cloudflare forums are handled

According to Sandro my forum " DNS over HTTPS not working Nov-26-2019" was closed because I did not respond. I though a forum remained open for 30 days. Below is the response from Sandro

“This thread was set to auto-close as you did not react to any responses and questions any more. It has been reopened now but if you want a discussion you need to react to what people write, so please address the previous questions and act on what has been suggested so far.”

How quickly should a forum member respond before a ticket be closed?

The auto close is typically 30 days after last reply and for popular categories 14 days. That’s not a min or max as moderators will manually close once answer is surfaced or reopen if further discussion is needed.

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I was told by Sandro that tickets are closed if not replied. He did not stated the time frame.

Why? and how long after not replied?

^Sorry, why what?

Sandro closed the ticket DNS over Https not working nov-26-2019 prior to 30 days claiming no one answered the forum question.