How Cloudflare DNS works with Ionos pointing to Odoo?

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Since Ionos (where I have my domain registered) don’t accept CNAME on Domains, just on sub-domains, how will it work with cloudflare ? And how will I finally have it pointing out to my odoo database ?

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If you use Cloudflare, you will manage your DNS within Cloudflare instead of Ionos. However, a CNAME for the apex domain isn’t allowed by standards. Cloudflare does offer CNAME flattening where you can specify a CNAME for the apex domain, but it will always resolve it and return an A record when queried so as to comply with the standards.

Most third party services will want to check the CNAME appears as a CNAME, so Cloudflare won’t fix that problem for you.

Odoo seems to have this requirement so they suggest to redirect from your apex domain to a subdomain (on Cloudflare this will need to be “DNS only” for the same reason as above). You can redirect on Cloudflare.

An Odoo user may appear to check this is correct.

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