How Cloudflare choose which server location user connect to?


I am using internet on Thailand. when i am visiting my-domain.tld/cdn-cgi/trace
its show colo=HKG (Hongkong) which is strange and slower because cloudflare have datacenter in Bangkok and not using it.

But other when i visiting my-other-domain.tld/cdn-cgi/trace on account with same origin its show colo=BKK just fine (this is how its should be).

Both case show loc=TH.

And also i try collect data from /cdn-cgi/trace when users visiting site. major of users connect to BKK as normal. only me and maybe some user connect to HKG for some reason.

first website is on Pro second on Free.


That sounds a bit backwards. Pro sites should always be served by the nearest datacenter. Free sites seem to be served by whatever is close and more convenient for Cloudflare.


Free and Pro user get served from the most economic datacenter. Business and Enterprise get served from the closest datacenter. In the case of a distruption of service with the selected datacenter, you should be routed to the next cheapest/closest datacenter.

Here’s why Cloudflare route Free and Pro user to the most economical datacenter:

If I am not mistaken, Railgun also effects the datacenter location. My Railgun-enabled site is served through HKG even though SIN is closest to my location. Do you happen to use Railgun?

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Singapore high latency