How cloudfare connect to my site


i am on siteground, i make a new account at cloudfare and add new site, then change the nameserver of the domain to that one of cloufare, then my site converted to active

now i return back and change my domain nameserver to that one of siteground, the site status still active

my question:
currently after i use the name server of siteground, is my site still connected to coludfare and visitor are served by cloud fare, or i just connect them by another way


It won’t be long before it becomes inactive and eventually that domain will be removed from your account here.

it still shown active

“long” is relative. It’ll probably be ok for a week or two. One month, tops. But that’s not the right way to proxy a hostname. You should use those Cloudflare name servers for as long as you wish to retain this setup.

Hi, now the domain is not active because the DNS updated.

i install wp rocket plugin and cloudfare add-ones

i hope to ask is cloufdare serve and cash my site? or it now sopped ?

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