How charge service

greetings, at this moment I am creating a portal this in development, but megustaria to begin with a small plan to make tests CDN, I have a question, like the credits are handled, a credit that includes in storage, bandwidth or connections of user, I do not understand like you handle the credits, that is to say these that include, please me can explain. How do you charge, for disk space and bandwidth used. For example if I store 30GB on disk in videos, and my tests consume 100GB of bandwidth per month, how do you charge for this service.

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If you’re talking about the video Stream service, it is charged by the minute:

Streaming: $1 per thousand minutes viewed
Storage: $5 per thousand minutes of video stored

If it’s for a website, you will likely get your account suspended for using Cloudflare as a video CDN. See Section 2.8 in Terms of Service:


If I am storing 500 minutes of videos, do I get charged $2.5 or $5 is minimum what you will be charging?

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