How can users unblock their IPs to avoid hCAPTCHA?

I have a few questions regarding IP blocking features, asking for a friend.

Let’s say a legitimate internet user gets assigned an IP address that is blocked by CloudFlare, and effectively, such a user is blocked from using large portions of the Internet. Such a user is being forced into solving hCAPTCHA puzzle on nearly each and every website they open (yes, huge parts of the internet run on CloudFlare) which slows down their online productivity about 60x - from a second to open any given website up to a minute to “prove they’re humans” with hCAPTCHA. Which translates to direct income loss for people who depend on extensive online activity to perform their paid work.

  1. How can a user check why exactly their IP address is blocked? Let’s say, they check project Honey Pot and their IP is clean there. How can they determine precisely why Cloud Flare is still blocking them?

  2. How can a user whitelist themselves? Let’s say, someone had a botnet at that IP address before or a virus, but that was a different user, maybe their neighbor. We don’t put people to prison for something your neighbor did, right? So we can’t punish legitimate internet users for doing nothing wrong either. So there must be a whitelist mechanism where a user “proves” once and for all that they’re a human now and not a botnet and it’s instant, and they stop being harassed by Cloud Flare and hCAPTCHA gatekeeping them from using public resources on the internet. How can this be done?

Users can install Privacy Pass which is available for Chrome and Firefox. This will lower the number of captchas to solve. There are several RBLs they can check and probably start a de-listing. However, not all allow to remove IPs from the list on their own.

Once an IP or subnet is clean, the IP reputation will naturally improve.

If for any reason the IP reputation score increases again, the likelihood is that you still have something which is infected on their infrastructure.

Often this is caused by:

  • Computer/IoT device infected with malware or some kind of virus.
  • Scripts or bots (e.g., scrapers) carrying out automated tasks across sites.

This Community Tip has other suggestions to review. Our IP reputation is sourced from multiple places including Project Honey Pot.

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