How can my company and their 150+ independently controlled DNS use Cloudflare


As per the title, I work for a company which host 150+ subdomains for sites which we do not control the DNS off. Our partners point their particular subdomain at our servers, we add a vhost and that’s it. It’s mainly amalgamation of WordPress sites, so mix of static/generated content. Anywhere from 100k-200k requests per day.

We have an AWS LB, HaProxy LB, and 4x web servers. We use LetsEncrypt, and handle SSL termination on the web servers themselves. We use WordPress plugins to handle caching, but as each server has its own cache directory, we’re forever running into some cache being invalid and manually having to re-cache, or delete the case on 1 of the 4 servers.

It’s been setup, and left like this for around 5-6 years now, and are always running into weird edge cases with cache, performance, DDOS, etc. All stuff that Cloudflare helps solve. I’m tasked with seeing if we can take advantage of Cloudflare, but so far other than asking our partners to update their DNS records, can we use Cloudflare?

Over the years, our list of partners IT contacts was never updated, so as a result, we’d have to reach out to each partner, and handle all the DNS updates that manually, which I’d imagine would take a sweet while.

We’re open to any other change in our setup, but DNS is last on the list.

Any help or info would be much appreciated!

Depending on you exact use case it may be an opportunity for you to look at being a Cloudflare partner or (perhaps less likely) looking at Cloudflare’s SSL for SaaS offering. I’d recommend contacting our sales team, describing your use case and they will hopefully be able to help you zero in on the best way to integrate Cloudflare.

@cs-cf, I appreciate that! I’ll reach out to support can go from there.


Hi @kingsley.raspe,

Curious to hear if you ever deployed a solution here? If not, mind dropping me an email: pat at Would like to hear more about your use case and discuss some options.