How can I work with cloudflare, my root domain with subdomains?



I have website with subdomains, example:

example . com - root, english lang
user1 . example . com - english lang user1
de . example . com - deutsch lang
user1 . de . example . com - deutsch lang user1

How I can work with cloudflare?

wild SSL I have.


You’re going to need the Dedicated SSL certificate with Custom Hostnames. That will get you the second level subdomains, like, but only lets you add 50 custom host names.

In other words, with your scheme, you can have only 50 users. and are already covered by the root SSL and subdomain wildcard *, but each User is going to take up a slot.


If I have SSL wild let’s for each domain example. com, de.example. com, fr.example. com … ? I need only cloudflare for fast load website from world wide


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