How can I use Polish WebP Images with Google Cloud?

How can I make is so that Cloudflare will cache and use WebP for my google cloud storage images on my website?

If you are on a paid plan you just need to enable the Polish option in the Dashboard under Speed selecting the best option. Note that not all pictures will be polished and/or converted to WebP, it’s done only on the images that will gain an advantage doing so.

Obviously you need to have the CNAME pointing to the bucket and set to :orange: in the DNS settings.

Can you give me an example of what the cname would look like?

Read this for an explanation of what a CNAME is and does if you need it.

To add it you need to follow these guidelines from Google Cloud Storage.

If you want to enable the Polish option set it to :orange: in the DNS Dashboard, then set a Page Rule or the site wide settings to Flexible SSL (ideally should be the former and then have all the other domain have a valid certificate with the Full (Strict) option).

This is what I have:

And this should load an image:

But I get an error. Any idea why?

Is there a bucket in your account named

edit specifically the bucket you want to access is name like that?

All other configurations are correct, it seems.

No, the bucket name is pages-trekeffect

You need to follow these guidelines, you need to have your bucket name be the FQDN you use to access the bucket. In your case it should be

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